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AI College


About College


About Artificial Intelligence college

  • The "Artificial Intelligence College " was established in 2018. Its goal is to promote smart campus and artificial intelligence education in Asia university.

  • Regarding the AI education, we collaborate with other five colleges to provide the basic artificial intelligence courses, and the advanced AI research or application courses. Therefore, students will be able to apply artificial intelligence tools to solve the real problems.

  • Related courses include AI applications and programming, AI algorithms, Cloud computing, Big data analytics, Expert systems, Machine learning, Deep learning, Neural network, Image recognition , Speech recognition, etc.


AI Experience Room

  • The AI Experience Room currently has six demo applications: AI Briefing Area, Smart Home, Smart Robots, Smart Transportation, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Health-care.  In addition to the experience, the corresponding multimedia videos, teaching handbook, posters and other  content are also provided. Each application is provided and maintained by a team consisting of related teachers and students.


AI Hands-on Room

  • This room is equipped with smart light control,video conference, and smart touch screen facilities. Besides, it can be used for multi-functional discussions or cyberspace competitions.